Unwholesome Mental Architecture

Wherein an individual dissects completely inconsequential artifacts of nerd culture via a pseudo-sociological perspective. Oh, and writing set in the fictional universes that spawned said inconsequential artifacts.

My cover for Boom Studios’ Marceline & The Scream Queens issue 5.

My favorite Adventure Time character! I feel ashamed for not knowing of her comic.


My cover for Boom Studios’ Marceline & The Scream Queens issue 5.

My favorite Adventure Time character! I feel ashamed for not knowing of her comic.

Real (RPG) Heroes Don't Use Tasers

Seriously, RPG players, there are already enough egregious abuses of tasers in real-life (See the recent “incident” of Keystone, Britain police firing a taser at a blind man because they thought he was wielding a katana. Or Seattle police tasering a pregnant woman during a traffic stop.) Keep the game enjoyable for yourself, your fellow players, and your Game Master by actually treating the taser as a weapon of last resort (and playing upon the drama inherent in such a measure).

Liveblawgin’ Supernatural - “Hell House”, part 10

Movie and an RPG. Ah, I see what they did there, fishing around for a Supernatural Role-Playing Game.

Haha, fishing, I am inadvertently humorous. Thanks, Dean.

So, for the next hour-and-a-half, they’re like, farting in the car and refusing to roll down the windows or something.

And everybody lived happily ever after.

Liveblawgin’ Supernatural - “Hell House”, part 9

Man, I would fail so spectacularly in combating this mental composite thing. My imagination would just manufacture further facets of the ghost’s capabilities. You need multiple people focusing on the fiction, of course, but still.

Setting the house on fire? Why is this a last resort? Sam and Dean are clearly not role-playing game characters. That would have been the very first frigging thing I did, had I been in their place. Candy asses.

My girlfriend labels me a “weird-ass boyfriend”, as if that is an insult or something.

Sam’s plot location/resolution powers have not come into play in the past few episodes. Are the writers rethinking the concept, perhaps? Or waiting to fridge another woman, perhaps?

(Seriously, people, you can provide heterosexual male characters with motivation to pursue the story without killing off their girlfriends/wives/mothers/whatever. Not that heterosexual white males are an underrepresented group in media or something, but still.)

Liveblawgin’ Supernatural - “Hell House”, part 8

Oh, hell yeah, we got to see Sam’s candy ass. I could never be an actor; the shirtless requirements are exhaustive.

Hey, I was being sarcasm, but this really is a unique perspective on the haunting scenarios. Glad to see that the show’s writers incorporated the Internet. This is a great lesson for any modern horror: ubiquitous information technologies only further screw over humanity. More witnesses, more bystanders, more opportunities for the supernatural terror to wreak havoc.

"And sex… With girls." Right.

That cackling fisherman is incredibly creepy.

Liveblawgin’ Supernatural - “Hell House”, part 7

Rats. Why did it have to be rats - CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT for Dean, that’s why. Tons of CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT for him in the past few episodes.

"Sweet Lord of the Rings"? Really? They could have at least invoked Tolkien’s name or something. It sounds like the writes were grasping for something nerdy and Lord of the Rings was what first occurred to them.

"Oh, it’s THIS one," is always an ominous statement when coming from my womanfriend. She’s seen all the Supernaturals. All of them.

Obligatory pre-90s music reference.

Liveblawgin’ Supernatural - “Hell House”, part 6

My femalepartner doesn’t understand. The shorter the person or character’s names, the more difficulty I experience in recalling them. At least I remembered Dean’s. All claims that memory operating in such a manner is counter-intuitive will be met with pretentious sneers.

Internetstuck waiting for NetFlix to stop being straight.

Liveblawgin’ Supernatural - “Hell House”, part 5

It’s “Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound”, not “Mordecai’s”. Dammit, girlfriend.

Surely there is a better term for a female significant other when both parties are over the age of 18?

Aaaaaand she died. Wow. It’s almost as if horror stories are metaphorical narratives.

That symbol is the Yellow Sign, Dean. Accept that you have entered the Realm of the Tattered King and embrace hedonism.

"I dare you to take a swig of this." Jegus, addressing every single masculine metaphor in a single episode.

Liveblawgin’ Supernatural - “Hell House”, part 4

That symbol on the staircase is definitely reminiscent of the Yellow Sign. 

"Professional" Ghost Hunters. Could potentially be a couple. Do not wish to consult AO3 or FanFiction.Net for confirmation of my speculation.

I’m waiting for Hank and Dean to engage in random bouts of fistbumping or working out together.

Girl with glasses. Will she be killed? She does not appear to be white, so her odds of a violent death have increased somewhat. 

Liveblawgin’ Supernatural - “Hell House”, part 3

"Misogynistic spirit" - methinks this episode, more than anything else in their lives, led individuals to consult Google/Wikipedia for the term’s meaning.

"Unreliable witnesses", to say the least.

And here’s where I experience difficulty in navigating the Horror genre. I know Horror is supposed to be dangerous, irresponsible, and challenge the norms of society. A dude ritualistically sacrificing his daughters because they are a drain on resources definitely adheres to those conventions.